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Calcium Citrate Malate

Calcium Citrate Malate-SRBio

Calcium Citrate Malate


Molecular formula:Ca6(C6H5O7)2(C4H4O5)3 . 6H2O



calcium citrate malate is produced by neutralisation of citric acid and malate acid with high purity calcium carbonate, subsequent crystallisation and dehydration.It occurs as white powder, is easy soluble in water.Calcium citrate malate is used for analysis reagent and citrate salts preparation.In food industry as chelating agent,buffering agent,tissue coagulator and calcium fortifier.It’s mainly used for dairy products,jam,cold drinks,flour and pastry. The absorption effect is more superior than inorganic calcium when it’s used as food calcium enhancer.



• Baby Food, Infant Formula
• Bakery
• Cereals, Snacks
• Confectionery
• Dairy
• Desserts, Ice Cream
• Fruit Preparations, Sweet Spreads
• Fruits, Vegetables
• Soy Products

• Carbonated Soft Drinks
• Instant Drinks, Syrups
• Juice Drinks
• RTD Tea and Coffee
• Sports and Energy Drinks
• Waters

Personal Care
• Oral Care

Cleaners & Detergents
• Surface Care

Industrial Applications
• Agrochemicals, Fertilisers
• Plastics, Polymers

• Clinical Nutrition
• OTC, Food Supplements
• Pharmaceutical Products

Feed & Pet Food
• Feed
• Pet Food

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