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Magnesium citrate Anhydrous

Magnesium citrate Anhydrous-SRBio

Magnesium citrate Anhydrous


Molecular formula:Mg3(C6H5O7)2



Magnesium citrate anhydrous is also named as trimagnesium citrate anhydrous and produced by citric acid and magnesium carbonate .It occurs as white odorless powder.It’s practically soluble in acid ,soluble in water(more than 180g/L),and insoluble in alcohol.It easily gets damp.

Magnesium citrate anhydrous can be made chewable tablet,granule,capsule and oral liquid etc in pharmaceutical.It is listed as one food supplement which can be applied to infant food,special medical and weight control in Europe. In some countries it is one product which European Food Safety Authority strengths supervision and promotes actively.Magnesium citrate anhydrous and magnesium citrate nonahydrate has the same application,furthermore,magnesium citrate anhydrous has higher magnesium content.



• Fine Chemicals
• Baby food, infant formula
• Cereals
• Snacks
• Confectionery
• Flavours,
• Readymeals,instant food,
• Sauces
• Dressings,seasonings.


• Instant drinks,
• Syrups.

Personal care

• Fragrances
• Oral care

Cleaners & Detergents

• Dish Washing
• industrial cleaners
• LaundryCare
• Surface Care.


• Clinical nutrition
• Food supplements
• Pharmaceutical Products.

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