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Grape Powder

Grape Powder

Natural Food Additive

No preservatives, Manufacturer, All natural

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This product is made from Red Grape concentrated juice with the special process and sprays dry technology. The powder is fine, free-flowing and Purple-red in color, good solubility in water.

This Product has the characteristic taste of fresh grapes and contains various organic acids, rich vitamins, abundant mineral substances, amino acids, protein, and carbohydrate. It is the form of powder featured of good flowability, excellent taste, good water-solubility, and easy preservation.


  • Lower the incidence of diabetes.
  • A new efficient antioxidants, which can reduce the morbidity of heart disease, cancer.
  • Increase vascular resistance, reduce capillary fragility.
  •  Prevent or mitigate bruises, varicosis.
  • To enhance the skin elasticity and smoothness.


Latin Name                       Vitis vinifera L.

Specifications                   100% Juice Powder

Sieve Analysis                   NLT 100% pass 80 mesh

Part of Used                                Fruit

Appearance                                  Pink Powder

Drying Method                            Spray Drying, Freeze-dried

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