Guarana seed extract

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Guarana seed extract

Guarana Seed Extract

Caffeine 5-22%( 100% water soluble)

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Guarana is a plant. It is named for the Guarani tribe in the Amazon, who used its seeds to brew a drink. Today, guarana seeds are still used as medicine.

Guarana extract is made by processing the seeds into a powder.

It contains an impressive range of stimulants, such as caffeine, theophylline and theobromine. Guarana also boasts antioxidants, such as tannins, saponins and catechins.

Today, 70% of guarana produced is used by the beverage industry in soft and energy drinks, while the remaining 30% is turned into powder.


1) Boost Energy and Reduce Anxiety

Guarana Extract, along with taurine and sugar, is often included in high-energy drinks for the energy-boosting effects and high levels of caffeine, which result in improved physical performance.

It can uplift your spirits and relieve symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression.

2) Improves Mental Health

In a 6-day study (DB-PCT) of 26 people, guarana ingestion improved secondary memory performance and increased alertness and mood. These changes could not be attributed to caffeine alone.

Guarana’s effect on mental health and performance may be attributable to a relatively high content of saponins and tannins that work along with caffeine.

3) Assists in Weight Loss

Guarana is classified as a metabolic stimulant, which means it helps consumers burn more calories throughout the day because of its caffeine contents.

Side Effects & Safety

In the United States, guarana has received the designation of “generally recognized as safe” by the American Food and Drug Administration.

Overuse or abuse of guarana (or any caffeine-containing substance, for that matter) can cause jitteriness, irritability, insomnia, and can compete for nutrients entering the body (such as calcium and iron). However, these effects are usually short-lived.


Guarana is not banned but overuse is. The legal amount not to exceed is 12 mcg/ml of caffeine in the urine. (This would be equivalent to six strong cups of coffee.) Because guarana and other caffeine-containing products are considered stimulants, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) prohibits/bans the use of it among its competing athletes.


Latin Name                        Paullinia Cupana

Specifications              Caffeine 5-22%( 100% water soluble)

Part Used                                               Seed

Appearance                                Light brown fine powder

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