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Stigmasterol is an unsaturated plant sterol occuring in plant fats or oils of soybean, calabar bean and rape seed, and in a number of medicinal herbs.

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Stigmasterol,  seperated from the mixed phytosterol which is extracted from natural plant oil through a series of new technology. Stigmasterol is a raw material for the synthesis of some drugs, such as progesterone and other steroid cortex hormone, plant hormone etc. It has the effect of reducing cholesterol in clinical, and also used as a skin care nutrient for cosmetics.


1.Reduces the heat in blood and diuresis

2.Cures Urinary infection with difficult painful urination, edema in acute nephritis

3.Cures acute appendicitis,conjunctivitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis

4.Cures eczema,skin diseases

Some application

Stigmasterol can be used as the raw material of steroid synthesis and vitamin D3 production. As a component of phytosterol, its content is about 20%. It is used for biochemical research and progesterone production. It is also the raw material for progesterone production in medicine. It also can delay the aging of the skin, eliminate the spots and sunburn, generate hair and nourishing hair.


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