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Botanical Source : Sesamum indicum DC.
CAS No: 607-80-7
Active Ingredients: Sesamin
Appearance: Yellow brown to White powder
Specification : 10%-98%
Extract Method : Solvent Extraction

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Sesamin is the most prominent lignan compound found in sesame seeds, one of the two highest sources of lignans in the human diet (the other being flax). Sesamin is catered to be a nutritional supplement that confers antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects (if touting its health properties) or possibly being an estrogen receptor modulator and fat burner (if targeting athletes or persons wishing to lose weight).

Sesamin undeniable has a lot of health benefits to offer while helping you lose some weight naturally. As one of the top Sesamin supplier in the market today, we make sure that 100% natural and original plant extract products reach to our esteemed customers.


If you are worried about losing weight naturally, without having to pop chemical pills then plant-based extracts are the way to go forward. Please check some of the best health benefits of Sesamin.

1. Sesamin has effect on improving the lipid profile;

2. It has function of normalizing the blood pressure;

3. It can be used for loss weight;

4. It can increase ketone production;

5. It also has function of anti-inflammatory. Sesamin has effect on antiviral, fungicides, antioxidants, insecticide synergist.

6. It can also be used to the treatment of bronchitis.

7. It has the function of inhibition the influenza virus, Sendai virus and Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Side Effects & Safety

Sesamin is SAFE when taken by mouth in amounts commonly found in food.


There are limited human studies on sesamin, but it appears that oral ingestion of around 100-150mg of sesamin is sufficient to raise bodily sesamin stores to the level where it can preserve Vitamin E in the body; this indirect antioxidative effect may be the most practical reason to supplement sesamin.


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