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C9H14N4O3, 305-84-0

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L-Carnosine and carnitine were discovered by Russian chemist V.Gulevich.Researchers in Britain,South Korea,Russiaand other countries have shown that carnosine has a number of antioxidant properties that may be beneficial. Carnosine has been proven to scavenge reactive oxygen species (ROS) as well as alpha-beta unsaturatedaldehydes formed from peroxidation of cell membrane fatty acids during oxidative stress. Carnosine is also a zwitterion, a neutral molecule with a positive and negative end.

Produced naturally by the human body, Carnosine is a protein building block and is used to help in treating the health complications related with diabetes including kidney problems, nerve damage, eye disorders, etc.

You need natural L-carnosine products for effective treatment. As your trusted L-carnosine supplier, we promise to deliver the best of the plant-based products for your health.

Some application

1. Carnosine helps to prevent skin collagen cross-linking which leads to loss of elasticity and wrinkles

2. L-Carnosine powder also acts as a regulator of zinc and copper concentrations in nerve cells, helping to prevent overstimulation by these neuroactive in the body.

3. L-Carnosine is a SuperAntiOxidant that quenches even the most destructive free radicals



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