May 2022

Traditional Chinese medicine has produced a “magic medicine” against the COVID-19. What is the effect of Cepharanthine?

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According to recent news, on May 10, a new medicine for the treatment of COVID-19 discovered by Chinese scientists was authorized by the national invention patent. The patent specification shows that 10uM (micromol/L) of Cepharanthine inhibits the replication of COVID-19 by 15,393 times. Cepharanthine is a potential drug for the treatment of new coronary [...]

Inventory: What potential raw materials are worth paying attention to in the 100 billion pet food market?

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The cold and independent cat, the honest and reliable dog, the lively little rabbit... These small animals with innocent big eyes and fluffy hair are just like babies, and people will poke their hearts at a glance. Especially those who live alone will have a deeper feeling. The continuous growth of people living alone [...]

February 2022

Chaga Extract Supplier – Knowing All About The Health Benefits

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Mycology, the investigation of mushrooms, is carrying new admirers to the bacteria among us. Already being utilized for an assortment of medical reasons all over the planet, the unassuming toadstool might be pushed into the spotlight soon as a fruitful, alternative treatment for a few obstinate imbalances. Mushrooms are valued a lot by vegans because [...]

November 2019

July 2019

2019 Vitafoods Exhibition

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Vitafoods is hosted by IIR, a British professional exhibition company. It started in 1997 and is held once a year. So far, it has successfully held 23 sessions. The exhibits cover a wide range of materials, raw materials, finished products, production technology, consulting services and so on. Audiences also come from companies in all [...]

April 2019

Spring Tour – Mountain Climbing

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In order to strengthen communication between the teams, we decided to use the weekend to go to the Qing Lv Creek Qing Lv Creek is a tourist attraction 15 kilometers from Taiping Temple in Hu County, Xi'an, Shaanxi. The vegetation is lush, the water is rushing, and the couple is named after the romantic [...]

March 2019

The Application of Piperine

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As pharmaceutical raw materials for arthritis, rheumatism, anti-inflammation, detumescence and so on, it is mainly used in the pharmaceutical field; As products effective ingredients for improving blood circulation and soothing the nerves, it is mainly used in the health product industry; As active ingredients of skin care products, it is mainly used in the [...]

Ten effects of Ashitaba Extract

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1.Delay aging Tomorrow's leaves contain high levels of antioxidants that fight free radicals that destroy cells. Free radicals are unstable molecules produced by the body using oxygen. They weaken the cell walls and destroy living cells. Antioxidants protect cells by disabling free radicals. Melatonin is also an antioxidant, as it is in tomorrow's leaves. [...]

January 2019

Astaxanthin – The Strongest Antioxidant in Nature

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Astaxanthin, 3,3'-dihydroxy-4,4'-dione-β,β'-carotene, is a terpene-based unsaturated compound having a chemical formula of C40H52O4. Astaxanthin is widely found in nature, such as in most crustaceans and carps, in the leaves, flowers, and fruits of plants, and in the feathers of flamingos. Haematococcus Pluvialis is the highest content of astaxanthin and is the most abundant species [...]

October 2018

King of antioxidants—-Maquiberry

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Take a road trip through Southern Chile, and you’ll come across an overgrowth of bushes laden with these beautiful purple berries. Over the hills, clustered near the forests, along with the roads and highways—Maqui berries are everywhere! So much so that maqui berries are not cultivated in Chile because they are so abundantly available in [...]

Ellagic Acid May Cause Skin Lightening

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In addition to sunscreen work, whitening is to find ways to dilute melanin and fight free radicals, and Ellagic Acid has these two effects. The whitening ingredients are changing with each passing day. From vitamin C to L-C, it is now found that high concentrations of ellagic acid have a better whitening effect. In [...]

The Magic Fruit of Changing the World – Cola Nut

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Coca-Cola, which has been popular all over the world for more than 100 years, has a special taste that comes from a magical plant, cola fruit. Since cola nuts contain a large number of nitroso compounds and are carcinogens, Coke has discontinued the use of cola nuts in 1955 and replaced them with artificial [...]

Top 5 Maca Root Extract Benefits and Nutrition

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What is Maca? Known by its scientific name, Lepidium meyenii, maca is a type of cruciferous vegetable native to the Andes of Peru. Maca has a similar appearance and size as radishes or turnips with green tops and roots that range in color from yellow to purple and black. Ingredient Dry maca root has [...]

Why is Acerola Cherry Good For You?

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Acerola cherry is a plant that is native to tropical regions of the Western Hemisphere. It’s also commonly called the West Indies cherry, Barbados cherry, or just simply “acerola.” It’s believed that the shrub-like plant originated in southern Mexico and the Caribbean. Acerola produces cherry-like berries, but it’s not a true cherry. These berries [...]

5 Positive Effects and Side Effects of Ginseng

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It is a well-known Chinese and foreign medicinal material. It has been famous for its health and disease prevention and anti-aging. It can be used in food therapy and stewing, and it is also made into various healthcare products. The variety is amazing. There are many legends about the name of people, and there [...]

Tongkat Ali Extract – Treatment of Prostatitis

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The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that "kidney is the innate foundation", it is responsible for the body's growth and development, reproduction, water, and liquid metabolism, gas and other functions. Through its unique biochemical composition, it promotes the secretion of more hormones, androgens, progesterone, etc., which can regulate human body secretion, balance the [...]

The Natural Viagra: Black Ginger

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What is Black Ginger Extract? If you’re from the West, chances are you’ve never encountered black ginger extract before. If, however, you’re from the East, and in particular Thailand, the legendary reputation of this spice precedes itself. Also known as kaempferol parviflora, black ginger is touted for its effects on male sexuality; increasing libido, [...]

The Latest Popular Natural Herbal Supplement in Europe and the United States – Tribulus Terrestris Extract

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What is Tribulus Terrestris extract? Tribulus Terrestris extract is a perennial vine plant that grows in China, India, Eastern Europe, Africa, and other places. 5000 years ago, our ancestors discovered that the hedgehog had an aphrodisiac effect, used it as a medicine to treat impotence, and included prescriptions for an aphrodisiac. Hedgehog is also used as [...]

Saw palmetto extract–Goodbye My middle-aged crisis

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Saw palmetto is a plant that grows like a jagged shape. It grows mainly on the southeast coast of North America. Its fruit is traditional Indian food. It is currently the most common male nutritional supplement in Germany and Europe. Germans have found that fatty acids extracted from saw palmetto can effectively inhibit DHT [...]

Should I take dihydromyricetin before or after drinking?

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When you take dihydromyricetin really depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. So, for example, researchers found that taking a relatively large dose before drinking it reduced the circulating levels of alcohol in the blood. For most people, however, we recommend taking it immediately after drinking which works very well to reduce the hangover symptoms usually [...]

September 2018

Does Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium Extract)Work for Erectile Dysfunction?

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What Is ED? ED is defined as the inability to get and maintain an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. Most men have experienced times when they were unable to sustain an erection, but that doesn’t mean they have ED. However, if this happens on a regular basis, you may have ED. What [...]