Black Ginger Extract

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Black Ginger Extract

Improves Erectile Dysfunction

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Black ginger is an amazing herb. It has so many health benefits. It’s protective against diabetes and obesity, it’s a true aphrodisiac, making sex much better. And it even can revert cognitive impairment (dementia).

Some Application

This is all scientifically proven. Just check the Medline database of the National Institutes of Health of the US government. There you can find many scientific studies. But you will have to use the scientific Latin name for searching Medline. The scientific name of the plant is Kaempferia parviflora.

This plant has so many names. It is also called black galingale or galangale. And then there is the name krachai dam. That is the official transcription of the Thai characters. But in English, the krachai dam is also spelled krachai dum, or kra chai dam, or grachai dam or dum. The names of this plant are really quite confusing. We stick mostly to black ginger.

Most of the benefits of black ginger are related to the plant’s content of phosphodiesterase inhibitors. Yeah, phosphodiesterase inhibitors. That’s the stuff medications for erectile dysfunction are made of.

Side effects and safety

Gastrointestinal discomfort may be present. This can be reduced by taking the extract with food.

It may have an effect on sex hormones, so use with drugs that have similar properties should be avoided.

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Viagra Killer

If you’re from the West, chances are you’ve never encountered black ginger extract before. If, however, you’re from the East, and in particular Thailand, the legendary reputation of this spice precedes itself. Also known as…Read more


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