Barley Grass Powder

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Barley Grass Powder

Barley Grass Powder

Vibrant and versatile, gluten-free superfood

energise the body and help concentration

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Barley has been a basic food of the human race for thousands of years. High-quality barley grass powder has been determined to be one of the most beneficial nutritional supplements ever developed. Supplementing with high-quality barley grass powder may improve energy levels, strengthen the immune system.


  • Improve immunity and anti-aging
  • Help in blood purification and may boost blood circulation
  • Anti-oxidant and anti-cancer
  • Act as an energy Booster

Some Application

Health care products, health nutrition, infant food, solid drink, dairy products, convenient food, puffed food, seasoning, medium and old food, baked food, leisure food, cold food, and the cold drink, etc


Botanical Source                           Barley Grass Powder

Specification                               100% natural

Particle size        80Mesh 200Mesh 500Mesh 1000Mesh

Part used                                         leaf

Appearance                              Organic Green Powder

Loss on Drying                                      ≤5.0%

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