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Organic Lingzhi extract SRBio

Lingzhi/Reishi powder&extract

1.Latin Name: Ganoderma lucidum
2.Appearance: Yellow brown Powder
3.Specification: Powder and Extract powder
4.Certifications: HALAL,KOSHER,ISO22000,SC,BRC(ORGANIC)
5.Packaging:1kg/bag or 25kg/Drum or Customised Formulation




Red Reishi Mushroom Known as a powerful mushroom. It has been used as a Chinese Traditional Medicine for centuries and known to promote longevity. Reishi Mushroom Extract is made from Red Reishi Mushroom for helping to increase the body’s resistance to stress and helping it overcome health challenges more quickly.

Reishi Extract Powder contains a powder that has been hot water extracted from Red Reishi Mushrooms to increase the potency. By removing fiber through hot water extraction, your body can absorb the beneficial polysaccharide more easily than a regular mushroom.


1.Support immune system and cardiovascular health
2.Anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and anti-aging
3.Mood supporting benefits


Mushroom Coffee, Smoothie, Capsules, Tablets, Oral Liquid, Beverage, Flavoring etc

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