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Manjakani or Oak Gall Nuts is an ancient herbal remedy originating from Persia and traded worldwide along ancient spice routes. Manjakani is rich in tannins known as gallotannins that possess a potent anti-oxidant capacity, measured as ORAC > 40,000 µmol TE/g. In comparison, the ORAC of green tea is less than 1,500 µmol TE/g.


In traditional Malay medicine, Manjakani is used for feminine hygiene, promote uterine healing and elasticity after childbirth, contract vaginal muscles and possesses antibacterial and antifungal (anti-candida) effects. It is commonly used as a natural treatment for leucorrhea (white discharge) taken internally as a tea and as a douche.  This antimicrobial and astringent effect is also useful for skin problems, wound healing, parasites and chronic diarrhea.

Manjakani Powder is prepared from the highest quality Manjakani Gall Nuts and finely powdered to improve absorption. No other added ingredients, only 100% pure Manjakani Gall Nut superfine powder.

How to Use:

As Manjakani Tea: Add one-third of a flat teaspoon of Manjakani Powder in hot water (or add to black tea) and sweeten to taste with Rainforest Herbs Coconut Sugar. Drink twice daily. As with most herbs, not to be taken during pregnancy.

As a Douche: Manjakani vaginal douche to prevent white discharge and tone the vagina. Make a strong decoction by boiling for 5 minutes and insert with a vaginal douche.


Latin Name                        Quercus infectoria

Specifications                   10:1 20:1 100%  Raw Powder

Part of Used                                  Fruit

Appearance                          Brown Yellow Powder

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