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CAS No.: 20831-76-9
Molecular Formula: C16H20O9
Molecular Weight: 356.3246g/mol
Specification: 98%min by HPLC
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Gentian root comes from flowering plants in the Gentiana genus, which includes more than 400 species that grow in the highlands in parts of Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

People have used water infused with gentian root to treat swelling in the liver, spleen, and stomach.

They’ve likewise used plasters made from gentian root and vinegar on skin inflammation, infected wounds, and bites from poisonous animals .

Gentian root is known for its bitter taste. It’s particularly used in traditional settings as a digestive tonic to stimulate stomach, liver, and gallbladder function.

Even today, it remains a component of alcoholic aperitifs, which are served before meals to stimulate appetite, as well as digestive, which are served after meals to aid digestion.

Gentiopicroside is extracted from Gentian root, it is a natural active ingredient in gentian root.


1. Antiseptic and Antispasmodic

2. Healthy Liver

3. Treats diarrhea

4. Relieves heartburn

5. Treats Anemia

6. Eliminates Muscle Spasms

7. Prevents Cancer

8. Improves Blood Circulation

9.Treats Fever

10.Prevents Hysteria

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