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Aphrodisiac for Women

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Malaysian national treasure Kacip Fatimah, botanical name Labisia Pumila, is a common herb found in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia. The pure Kacip Fatimah grows only in the pollution-free rainforest of Malaysia at an altitude of 350 meters. It is short and small. It grows next to Tongkat Ali. They are like a couple. , accompanied by each other. Not only that, but Kaqi Huatima is also a traditional gynecological holy drug for Malay women, along with Tongkat Ali. Women who take Kaqi Huatima will have an indescribable effect, especially for women’s health, spirit and women’s care.

In Malaysia, Kacip Fatima has been passed down from generation to generation and used by Malay women to tighten the uterus, breast enlargement, beauty, improve vitality, maintain youth and prolong life. The Malay women who have been drinking Kaki Tema for a long time are beautiful in appearance, smooth and delicate in the skin, bright in eyes and full of femininity. Kazi Fiamma contains more than 13 kinds of effective phytoestrogens similar to human hormones, which can supplement female estrogen, promote cell regeneration and regulate body constitution. Among the currently known phytoestrogens, its estrogen levels and activities are highest in natural plants without any side effects.


  1. Balance the body’s hormones and improve the microcirculatory disturbance caused by endocrine.
  2. Tighten the skin, improve the facial skin, lift and lift the sagging skin.
  3. Make the female body fat more firm, plump the chest, reach the S curve
  4. Increase pelvic muscles, restore women’s physical strength and health, increase muscle contraction after childbirth
  5. It has the unique disinfection and astringent effect of restoring health. It is the best product for contracting the uterus after delivery. 6. It reduces the occurrence of osteoporosis.
  6. Relieve hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia symptoms Reduce the risk of cardiovascular events Improve mood, increase self-health Increase body energy, make the body more vital
  7. Improve sexual desire and enhance sexual response
  8. Warm the palace, relieve dysmenorrhea

Used For

  • Preparation of pregnancy women – adjust menstruation, improve menstrual pain, reduce leucorrhea, solve women’s physical problems, coordinate husband and wife life, enhance pregnancy opportunities.
  • Endocrine disorders in women.
  • Sexually cold women – Kaki Huatima can be therapeutic cold, so that women are prone to orgasm, in Indonesia, local women will use khaki flowers to increase sexual pleasure, more likely to let women reach orgasm.
  • Women with gynecological diseases.
  • Menopausal women, etc. — Strong bones Enhance heart function Improve memory Improve symptoms of the menopausal syndrome.


Do not drink during pregnancy and menstruation.

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