Coca-Cola, which has been popular all over the world for more than 100 years, has a special taste that comes from a magical plant, cola fruit. Since cola nuts contain a large number of nitroso compounds and are carcinogens, Coke has discontinued the use of cola nuts in 1955 and replaced them with artificial flavors and caffeine extracts. However, as a key ingredient in Coca-Cola, I believe many people are still new to it. Now let us uncover the mystery of it.

Coca and Cola(Plant made Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola was a cold pain reliever formulated by American pharmacist John Pemberton at the end of the 19th century. Its main ingredients were Coca and Cola. The birth of Coca-Cola defeated the two largest drinks in the United States – SARS and ginger soda.

What is Coca? In fact, Coca (coca leaf) is a raw material for cocaine. In Central America, it is a herb commonly used to relieve pain. If you have headache or discomfort, just put the coca leaf in the mouth and chew it repeatedly. Pain can be alleviated.

What is Cola?

It is cola fruit. In West Africa, cola fruit, like coca leaf, is commonly used as an analgesic plant. This is actually the same as the Pacific Islanders chewing betel nut.

Since Coca-Cola is an anesthetic, how can it be used as a drink for the general public? In order to avoid food safety problems that cause cancer, and to reduce costs, Coca-Cola now has no ingredients in the market but instead uses other ingredients instead of caffeine in the herbs.

Medicinal effect of cola nut

The pods of the cola fruit are about 5 cm long, and the fruit pods have large chunks of flesh that resemble chestnuts and are light red or white in color. Kola is the original species of West Africa, and locals have long been accustomed to chewing cola directly to refresh. The refreshing ingredients of the cola fruit are caffeine and theobromine, and the cola fruit also contains cola fruit, which is said to stimulate the heartbeat.

Kola nuts have a stronger effect than coffee, cocoa, tea, etc. It can cause a strong sense of euphoria, excite the central nervous system and heart, and increase body temperature, blood pressure, and respiration rate after eating cola nuts. Up to 6 hours.

Kola can also treat whooping cough and asthma, and the caffeine contained can be used as a bronchodilator to dilate the trachea to inhale air.

Kola nut is beginning to be favored by Europe and the United States

Until the fifteenth century, European people knew the existence of the plant of cola fruit trees. At that time, 10 kola nuts could be tribute to the king as tribute, which shows that the value is extraordinary. Therefore, Europeans quickly realized the importance of cola. At the end of the 19th century, Europe and the United States had imported a large number of cola nuts.

Most of these cola nuts are used to make supplements, such as the “Forced March” tablets, which contain a mixture of cola nuts and coca leaves. This tablet can relieve hunger and enhance physical endurance. Take one capsule every hour when you need to maintain sustained mental or physical stress.

A medicinal wine produced in France, “Vin Mariani”, is a popular medicinal wine made by mixing coca leaf extract with red wine. It is said that Pope Leo XIII has also been featured on this wine poster, including Queen Victoria, Thomas Edison, and Arthur Conan Doyle. Lovers.

The emergence of Coca-Cola coincided with the US government’s ban on the addition of cocaine to alcoholic products. Coke, a soda blend of cola extract, became the new darling and rewrote the world’s beverage history.