Carnosine can slow down skin aging. In fact, it can rejuvenate the skin cells. When most of us think about anti-aging treatments, we immediately think of modern skin care products. We can spend a lot of money on creams that promise miraculous effects, only to find out that the effects are minimal or at best temporary.

Beautiful skin is created inside the body and literally grows outwards and although we can certainly make a difference by using creams, we can’t ignore the possibilities of the treatments from the inside.

Informed scientists have always looked for ways on which the aging process could be influenced from the inside, examined the elements that contribute to the aging process and tried to find a solution based on real science and not on cosmetic promises.

What is carnosine?

Carnosine (not to be confused with ‘carnitine’) is a combination of two amino acids (the building blocks of proteins), alanine and histidine. It naturally occurs in tissues such as the muscles and the brain, but its concentration decreases with advancing age.


How does carnosine work?

1.Carnosine protects against free radicals (antioxidants)

First, it is an antioxidant that protects our cells from free radical damage. Applied together with vitamin E and other antioxidants, it has optimal effects.

2.Carnosine extends the lifespan of the cells (glycosylation)

Second, it can reduce the destruction of valuable proteins and DNA by sugar molecules, a process known as glycosylation.

Abnormal combinations of sugar and proteins are very toxic and contribute to several age-related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, dementia and skin aging. Carnosine can help prevent damage from glycosylation, rid the system of abnormal substances and make it work optimally.

3.Carnosine diverts toxic metals out of the body (chelation)

Third, it binds toxic metals – it reacts with toxic by-products of our metabolism and eliminates them from the body. It stabilizes the cells, makes them more resistant to injuries and strengthens the immune system.

Other benefits of carnosine

Carnosine is said to offer many other benefits, which include: anti-aging, longevity, skin rejuvenation, muscle aging, muscle dysfunction, sexual potency, cataracts, diabetes, cardiovascular, neurological and mental illnesses and other health benefits.

Carnosine for energy and endurance

Carnosine has been administered to Russian athletes and swimmers for years and provides remarkable energy and endurance benefits, with many users reporting a noticeable daily surge in energy.

Carnosine – Anti-aging from the inside out

One of the reasons why older people and animals look different from younger ones has to do with the damage and change in proteins in the body. Proteins are responsible for the functioning of all living organisms. Damage to these proteins therefore has a dramatic effect on all body functions and also on appearance.

Many research results of the past decades have shown that a change of proteins is an important reason for aging and for degenerative diseases. This change results from oxidation (by free radicals) and related processes such as protein-sugar reactions (glycation).

Author: Cherry