Food grade silicon dioxide

English Name: Silicon dioxide powder

Grade: Food Grade

Appearance: White Powder

Item Number: SR010

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Nowadays, convenient and fast foods are becoming more and more popular, and powder ingredients are fast and fast.
It is often used in the formulation of foods. Because most of the powder particles are fine, easy to bond, and powder particles
Poor fluidity, easy to agglomerate when stored, handling and proper feeding are difficult, especially for easy
Moisture materials such as fruit powder, vegetable powder, flavors and chili powder.

The emergence of food additive silica solves this problem, and silica is an emerging green
Color, safe and healthy food additive with excellent physiological inertness, chemical stability, high flow
Sexual, highly adsorptive, and not concentrated in the body, this property makes silica a food additive
Emerging star.


Eight advantages:
Improve liquidity
save costs
Stable quality
Reduce agglomeration
Precise feeding problem
Increase production capacity
Improve storage stability
Food grade quality

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