Goji Berry Powder

Latin Name:      Vitis vinifera L.
Synonyms:         Grape
Part of Used:      Fruit
Specifications:   100% Juice Powder
Appearance:       Pink Powder
Application:        Beverage, Food
Sieve Analysis:   NLT 100% pass 80 mesh
Drying Method: Spray Drying, Freeze-dried




We select goji berry from Ningxia, Ningxia is the birthplace of the world’s goji and authentic origin, also China’s main production areas and new varieties of goji breeding, the history of goji planting in Ningxia has been more than 600 years, unique geographical environment and climate provides the most superior natural environment for the growth of goji, Ningxia goji with bright color, big size, less seed, wonderful taste, is popular worldwide.


  1. Anti-fatty liver function
  2. hypotensive


  1. Beverage industry.
  2. Foods, dessert, ice cream, cake, cookie, candy, seasoning, etc.
  3. Health products.