TeaCrine (Theacrine) is one of the most versatile supplements today. TeaCrine facilitates a wide range of healthy functions while providing an edge in the fiercely competitive and rapidly growing markets of energy, performance, and cognitive achievement. Yet, it’s not a stimulant, and it provides energy without the jitters or crash.

Whether you’re simply looking for a cleaner complement to caffeine, an enhancement to your pre-workout, or just need to regain that fire focus required to get through your busy life, TeaCrine has arrived at just the right moment. It’s not just energy , either. TeaCrine also provides that powerful dopamine activation for motivation and sensory experience not found in most anti-stress formulas. And in pre-workouts, the energy lasts and lasts.

What You Should Know About TeaCrine Supplements?

☞The Benefits of TeaCrine

TeaCrine (or Theacrine) offers a multi-pronged action that blocks the action of adenosine, regulates reactive oxygen species and cytokines, while acting on dopamine and other neurotransmitters. TeaCrine is ideal for demanding athletes, driven professionals, gamers and anyone striving to attain peak performance.

This ultimately leads to a wide range of benefits, including:

  • ☑ Supporting neural drives
  • ☑ Promoting motivation
  • ☑ Supporting energy production
  • ☑ Promoting mental focus

☆☆☆TeaCrine benefits your energy, mood, and focus levels without having to continually increase the dose, unlike caffeine.


Provides long lasting energy, up to 12 hours

Unlike caffeine, Teacrine does not cause anxiety or jitters

May help support mood and well-being

Non habit-forming compound

Teacrine is the only form of verified, pure theacrine

Why TeaCrine is safe☟

What also makes TeaCrine so appealing is that TeaCrine does not appear to negatively affect the cardiovascular system. A lot of people feel uncomfortable using caffeine, and report feeling a “heart racing” or “jittery” sensation. This is because caffeine (and other stimulants ) can increase blood pressure and heart rate.

TeaCrine, however, can help reduce fatigue and promote mental energy without stimulating the cardiovascular system. In other words, you get an energy boost and more alertness without the potential for jittery effects!

Arguably the best reason to use TeaCrine is that it does not result in the inevitable energy crash that follows caffeine.

Finally, one of the major benefits to using a theacrine supplement would be that you get the same effects that you would from coffee, without having to redose.

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