Corn Oligopeptide

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Protect against early alcoholic liver injury

Safe, natural and nutritional dietary supplement

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Corn oligopeptides (corn peptides) have a reliable safety. Corn peptides have many biological activities, such as antioxidation, anti-hypertension, enhanced immunity, anti-fatigue, and protection of the liver. It is noteworthy that animal and human experiments found that corn peptide also has important and different functional characteristics of other food oligopeptides — sobering up. So as to protect the liver.


  • It can increase the excretion of chloride. The diuretic effect is mainly outside of The kidney, to the kidney function is very weak;
  • It has lowered blood pressure and blood glucose effect, the fermentation preparation of corn stigma has a very significant reduction in blood sugar to the rabbit;
  • It has a choleretic effect, increase bile secretion and promote bile excretion, can reduce organic and impurity in bile;
  • It has a hemostasis effect, can accelerate the process of blood coagulation, increase blood levels of thrombin increased platelet count.


  1. Applied in food field, corn stigma extract antimicrobial activity in a specific environment is stability, therefore can be used as a potential food preservative;
  2. Applied in health food field, can be made into preparations to play diuretic and antihypertensive function;
  3. Applied in pharmaceutical field, because of its choleretic effect, can be used as medicine to treat uncomplicated chronic cholecystitis.


Product Name                       Corn Oligopeptides Powder

Latin Name                                  Corn peptide

Part Used                                  Seed

Test Method                            HPLC

Country of Origin                    China

Type of extraction                      Alcohol&Water

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